Meet our new Minnesota pals! Hefty is the Seal Point, Honey the Linx, Angel is long haired tabby. Beautiful! Happy customers since 2016. 

This handsome devil is named Max.  He is blessed with many siblings including 3 dogs, a feline sister named Haley, and a bird.  Mr. Max is from Palm Harbor, Florida.  Happy customer since January 2018.  

Meet our new friend, Finn. He's a Kool Kat from D.C and gets our vote every time. Happy customer since 2017.

Meet Mr. Gus, a Scottish Fold from Colfax, Ca. He currently resides in Oakland, Ca. His mother describes him as a pacifist who loves to snuggle, and eat berries, bananas, and plain yogurt for breakfast. We're not kidding! lol Happy customer since January 2018. 

This handsome devil is Buddy.  He's 4 years old and is lovingly described as a rascal.  Buddy loves to come and go at all hours so his door arrived just in time! Happy customer since June 2017. 

Meet Booker! This big boy found his forever family when he walked onto their porch and won them over. Welcome home, Booker. Happy customer since 2014.

This is our new friend, Leo. His sweet mom knew he deserved better and took him into her home when he was 4 years old.  It looks like he's enjoying life! Welcome home, handsome Leo. Happy customer since September 2017.  

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This is handsome Nomi from New Mexico.  He was born under a trailer in a snow storm, mistakenly left behind by his fur mom.  He was lovingly taken in by his adopted family and can be found crashing on the couch after a day of outdoor adventures.   Happy customer since July 2017.  

Meet our adorable friend, Halle.  She was rescued during the Florida hurricane.  Curious and lovable.  Welcome to your forever home, sweet Halle.  Happy customer since January 2018.  

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