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Head jamb to sill for vertical window
The base is 3/4" thick.  Please let us know if your tracks are smaller so we can taper the edges.  

Pictures are super helpful! 

Here are a few examples of pictures that were awesome!

To measure the height for a vertical window, go from head jamb at the top to of the window to the sill at the bottom.

To measure the width of a horizontal window, go from jamb on the left side to jamb on the right side. 

Horizontal windows open up and down

Jamb to jamb for horizontal window

Entire window

Still feeling a little confused?  No problem!  Call or text us at (706) 362-7800 or email us at

You never need to worry.  If the door does not fit when it arrives, simply let us know and we'll fix the issue. 

We take your measurement and then add approximately 1/2" to the length so it sits in your window tracks without falling out.  The measurement of the depth of your tracks helps us determine how much to add to the length. The height of the base is 9" and it's 3/4" thick.  Please make certain your tracks will allow for this 3/4" base.

Vertical windows open side to side

Okay, so you've checked out the measurement tutorial and still have questions. No problem! Check out this information and see if it helps.  Don't forget, you can always contact us directly for assistance.  We love talking with our customers! 

Because this is custom built for your window, it's important that we get it right! We request a measurement to determine the length of the base.  The measurement tutorial shows that the tape measure should be placed from jamb to jamb.               

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Depth of track

Pet Door For Windows Measurement Guide